With 2022 on the horizon, it’s time to review a changing year at Affinity House, and look towards investing in decarbonisation of the business centre.

It seems like such a long time ago now, but this time last year we were about to step into another lockdown. It was back to working from home for many of us – but not all of us. For many of the tenants in the Affinity Business Centre community, there was no need to take what felt like a big step backwards, and set up a workstation again at their dining table or in a squashed corner of their bedroom. No – by last December we’d become well-used to working in Covid-safe ways, and the business centre never fully closed to tenants throughout the pandemic.

A home to tenants new and old

As other coworking spaces around us closed their doors, some permanently, by the end of the summer we found ourselves full to the brim. With such a flexible space, which had been refurbished from top to bottom by our tenant McGill, we became home to a diverse range of companies, such as Robbie Millar Joinery, national recruitment specialists Cordant People, and Acorn Industrial Services.

And so as we head into the final days of 2021, our focus is on making our tenants feel at home, and to that end we’ve been working with them on some improvements they might want to see around the building and outdoor spaces. In the spring we’ll be installing some outdoor picnic tables and meeting spaces to give people flexibility in how they work – and allow them to enjoy the Scottish sun as and when it appears!

Investing in decarbonisation of the business centre

Our overall aim though is to create a sustainable building, as the Scottish and UK governments step up their goals to become carbon free by 2045. This has always been a priority at Affinity Business Centre, and now we’re investing heavily in decarbonising the centre by planning to improve the efficiency of our wind turbine, installing solar panels, and boosting the number of electric vehicle chargers on site.

By decarbonising the building we’re playing our part in taking care of our own small corner of the world, and offering tenants an easy way to meet their own organisational zero-carbon commitments. As we get into 2022 keep an eye out for our cleaner, greener building.