Thinking back to March, when lockdown began, it felt like life might never be the same again. As well as getting used to working at home, we had to find a peaceful space for Zoom calls, or home school kids while we worked, and it hasn’t been easy for everyone to find their perfect work-life balance.

At Affinity House, we also had to keep on top of a rapidly-changing workplace situation. While always being keen to get back to office life, it can only happen if we follow the rules and make sure we’re providing a Covid-safe space for everyone. That’s why we’ve followed the evolving government guidance every step of the way, and focused on making Affinity House a really safe space for our tenants.

If you’re wondering about how it might feel being back in the office, you can have confidence that we’ve made every effort to keep you Covid-safe.

When you come into the building you can sign in through an app, meaning you don’t have to touch the screen, although there is plenty of sanitiser on tap too. We’ve got a plastic screen at reception now, to protect each other as we move through one of the busier places in the building.

Moving through to the offices, there’s a one-way system in place to minimise the close contact with others, and sanitiser at lots of points throughout the corridors. On the floor we’ve placed two-metre markers so that you never get too close to your colleagues.

Offices are big enough so that we can all keep our physical distance from each other, while still staying close enough that we can collaborate easily. To keep the room well-ventilated, the windows can be opened. And when you need a break from your desk, the canteen is spacious, with plenty of room for a sociable but distanced blether!

We know how much you’ve missed the buzz of office life. If you’re ready to get back to work, but need to have confidence in the safety of your staff, we’ve got you covered.