We all know that most organisations were forced to switch to a homeworking model in the space of a few days back in March 2020. As we entered lockdown, everyone who could work from home began to do so, and those who couldn’t were furloughed. Now we’re more than a year down the line from that initial lockdown, and we’re happy to report that office life is back, and for Affinity Business Centre at least, it’s been shown to be not just safe, but a boon to productivity and employee wellness.

Of course, making the shift back to office working won’t all be plain sailing. A recent report, Supporting your remote workforce in 2021 and beyond, that interviewed 3,000 people across the UK and US, highlighted the concerns still held by many soon-to-return office workers.

The report found that approximately 40% of employees feared catching Covid from colleagues or from shared office devices and equipment. 65% of people interviewed supported social distancing measures with just over 50% supporting mask wearing around the office. But in personal terms, almost a third of respondents said that they felt productivity has dropped while working at home, and that a huge 49% felt demotivated by working without their colleagues on hand to keep their spirits up.

We are social beings who crave collaboration

For many companies, a mixed model seems to represent the best of both worlds, with a blend of remote and office work acting as the compromise many are after. Why do we need this blended approach? Because we are social beings! We thrive by collaborating, by working together, by chatting with colleagues, and our personal motivation and wellness is at risk with a complete shift to remote work.

At Affinity Business Centre, our tenants tell us they have longed for a return to the office, and that’s supported by the fact that we’ve never had more enquiries from people looking for available office space. Office life may even be set for a post-lockdown boom!

A workspace which promotes productivity and wellbeing

Affinity Business Centre creates an environment which encourages collaboration and cooperation; although covid-safe measures have been implemented, the communal kitchens and tenant lounge continue to contribute to tenants’ performance, mental health, and wellbeing. The centre, which has seen a boom in enquiries from businesses of all sizes, including those moving their office out of their home for the first time, is the perfect space for those looking to return to office life in search of a new and exciting environment.

Sustainable working is healthy for all

We’ve been proactive throughout the pandemic, making sure that our centre is streets ahead of the rest. In the last few months we’ve improved the lighting and installed new dishwashers, which contribute to our efforts to reach a carbon-neutral footprint. Our on-site wind turbine and electric vehicle charging points also highlight our commitment to working sustainably.

For your people and your productivity, why not create a hybrid mix of office and home-based working? The reality is that every business is different, and decisions should be made after proper consultation. Talk to your team and see what works for them, as your business begins its post-pandemic planning.

If, like many others you are missing the office, or fancy that first move for your business away from the kitchen table and into a professional space, have a look at our office availability checker.