It’s official, the new kitchen at Affinity House is ready for use! Complete with tables, chairs, a TV, dishwasher and not one, but two Nespresso machines; the big open space is open for business, and ready in the nick of time for our McGill acquisition anniversary party!

We’re always looking for new ways to encourage healthy attitudes in the work place. So, we thought it was only right that our kitchen’s ladies and gents rooms come complete with a shower. That means our tenants can run or cycle to work, enjoy breakfast in the kitchen, and there’s no need to worry about joining their morning meetings with a moist brow and windswept hair.

Our newly constructed kitchen was designed and built by the guys at McGill, and we’ll be using the space to create a business hub where collaboration comes as standard with the shared space. We’ll be welcoming businesses from all over, whether it’s just for the day or as long-term tenants. Not to mention, it’s ideal for break-out sessions and of course, lunch.

Here’s a before and after of all the hard work here at Affinity Business Centre!